My name is Chema Guerra and I am from Madrid (Spain).

Some quick facts about me

My hobbies

Social Media

I am not a social media person, but these are my personal handles:

There is a little more info about me in

If necessary, I can be reached by e-mail at brashandplucky 0x40

What is this blog?

I occasionally post here about the projects that I am working on.

printf( "This... is... Sparta!!! o.O\n" );

Why Brash & Plucky (.com)?

My real name has a challenging pronunciation in most other languages. e.g., In English it would be something like:

ch EH m aa g EH r r aa
chin pet me car go pet red red car

So, at some point I decided to make my blog and some of my social media go by the name Brash & Plucky (or brashandplucky). Which may or may not be simpler, but… hey! I like the sound of it!

Chema Guerra running #1 Chema Guerra running #2