Like most “computer people” I’ve had some attempts over the years to manage a personal website, then a blog, then various social media accounts, etc… to quickly realize with each attempt that I don’t have the time, and to some extent, the will or need to keep on posting. I am always way too busy for seemingly non-productive stuff.

On the other hand, there is some true value in archiving and organizing images, results, etc… of projects you’ve worked on, even if just to build some sort of “historical archive” of your journey as a researcher.

I am certain that I won’t be updating this micro-blog as often as I’d wish. Mostly because my R&D and management work at RandomControl (Maverick Render) leaves me with basically no spare time. But I will try to “now and then” drop here some 3D/2D/Physics code experiments and such.

I will start by transporting (some of) my very old blog from 2011 to micro-posts here.